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痣疮 Hemorrhoids

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第三医学 “ 痣疮”  我们在介绍一下痣疮也可以用高科技术磁疗来疗理。如果能彻底的做好对痣疮的调理,相信你在日后的工作和生活中可以过好每一天。


1) 便血 :无痛性间断性便后出鲜血是其特点 ,是内痣和混和痣的早期症状。病人常在便池中滴入鲜血或便纸上发现染血。重者为喷射状,可因排便时用力过猛檫破黏膜引起,便血可自行停止。便秘 ,粪便干硬,饮酒及食刺激性食物是出血的绣因,如长期出血可导致贫血。

2)脱出  :内痣或混合痣发展到一定时期 (第二,三期)即可脱出肛门外,多先有便血而后脱出,待脱出体积增大时,逐渐与肌层分离,排便时被推出肛门外。轻者在大便时脱出,便后可自行回纳 ;重者需用手方能回纳,否则脱出的痣块可被嵌顿。由于脱出的痣块不断地变大和脱出,肛管括约肌收缩力逐渐减退,以至病人行走,咳嗽等增加腹压时就能脱出。

3)疼痛 : 单纯性内痣无疼,少数有坠胀感。当内痣和混合痔黏膜受损感染时或血权形成时即感疼痛,疼痛常与大便不尽感同时存在。内痣和混合痣脱出嵌顿,出现水肿,感染,坏死时,局部疼痛剧烈。排便,走,坐,咳嗽时均能引起疼痛。

4) 瘙痒 : 内痣晚期,痣块脱出及肛管括约肌松弛,常有黏液分泌物流出而刺激肛周皮肤,引起瘙痒甚至皮肤湿疹,病人极为难受。

Third Medical “Hemorrhoids” We are  introducing it can also be treated with Hi-Tech magnetic therapy. If you can go thorough this treatment , I believe  in the future work and life can be good  on every day.Clinical manifestations of hemorrhoids :

1) blood in the stool: painless intermittent after the blood is its characteristic, is the early symptoms of nevi and mixed nevus. Patients often drip in the toilet or toilet paper found blood . Severe jet for the defecation may be caused by too much force broken mucosa caused by blood in the stool can stop on their own. Constipation, stool dry hard, drinking and eating spicy food is the cause of bleeding, such as long-term bleeding can lead to anemia. Clinical manifestations of mole sores.

2) prolapse: the development of nevus or mixed nevus to a certain period (second and third phase) to prolapse outside the anus, the more the first blood in the stool and then prolapse, to be prolapsed volume increases, the gradual separation with the muscle layer, was launched when defecation Outside the anus. Light in the stool prolapse, then they can return satisfied; severe cases need to be satisfied with the hand side, otherwise the prolapse nevus may be incarcerated. Due to the prolapse nevus blocks continue to become larger and prolapse, anal sphincter contraction gradually diminished, as the patient walking, cough, etc. can increase when the abdominal pressure can be prolapsed.

3) pain: simple nevi without pain, a few have a sense of bulge. When the nevus and mixed hemorrhoids mucosa damaged infection or the formation of blood that is, when the pain, pain and stool feel often exist at the same time. Internal nevus and mixed mole prolapse incarcerated, edema, infection, necrosis, severe local pain. Defecation, walking, sitting, cough can cause pain.

4) itching: nevus late, mole block prolapse and anal sphincter relaxation, mucus secretions often flow out to stimulate the perianal skin, causing itching and even skin eczema, the patient is extremely uncomfortable.

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