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轻微中风Slight stroke

January 11, 2018 - admin

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现代的社会健康对于人们来说真的是非常重要,所谓的文明病最常见的是 :颈椎病,糖尿病,高血压,中风 等 。其中以“中风”这一类病只会出现在老年人身上的,现在的年轻人也会。

以下这名年轻人,他是在一次晚上吃完宵夜之后就开始感觉一边的手脚僵硬不能动。家里人就赶快送他去医院。在医院住了大概1,2 星期就出院了。经过朋友介绍就来了我的治疗中心来医。


Modern social health is really very important for people,  civilized disease is the most common: cervical spondylosis, diabetes, hypertension, stroke and so on. Among them “stroke ” this kind of disease will only appear in the elderly, now young people will do.

This following young man, He is  after a night  supper he  began to feel the stiffness of  his  hands and feet can not move.The family quickly sent him to the hospital. Lived in the hospital almost 1,2 weeks to be discharged. After a friend introduced  come to my medical centre treatment

At first he came in a wheelchair ,after this high-tech electromagnetic medical treatment  about 1 course of treatment – 13 days. He will not have to sit on a wheelchair anymore. Now he just  use the crutches to smooth the pace of it.

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恭喜恭喜 , 现在的他已经完全康复了, 不只这样还可以自己开车上班。


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