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第三医学 (第一次筹款)

October 31, 2018 - admin

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他叫 黎建成, 18岁是一名学生。1 年前发生车祸导致他的脑积血。医生说他的一半脑需要在医院里养着。所以他现在的活动能力不是很好,所幸他还可以吃饭也可以听明白家里人说话。


His name is Li Jiancheng, 18 year  is a student. 1 year ago car accident led to his brain hemorrhage。The doctor said that half of his brain needs to be raised in the hospital. So his current activities is not very good,Fortunately, he can eat and also understand the family speak.

Our third medicine centre  hopes to do something, so we will raise money for him. This is the first time we have organized a charity event.  And raised a living allowance for Mr. Li . Although not many also a little bit of ours。I hope that in the future we can help many people who need it.


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