About Third Medical Science



The First Medical is so-called Western Medical, also referred to Chemical Medical, mainly using injection and medicine to cure.



The Second Medical is Chinese Medical, such as massage, acupuncture, solarium and spa bath, it is using  External Application and Oral Treatment.



Dr. Sam Liew declare his center is the Third Medical , this new medical which no injections, do not take medicine use of long-wave therapy, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, enhance the healthy of the nervous system and improve the immune system.



The basic principle of Third Medical is the use of Electromagnetic Waves to enhance the body’s natural heal ability, to ensure human health. It is also known as the most advanced, the most perfect medical skills. Its effect is remarkable, without any side effects, non-irritating and habitual, is the most secure and safe human medical treatment.



Third Medical come from United States to be recognized by Japan, US, Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland and other countries, and give national patent royalties.



养生是第三医学 Regimen is Third Medical


Regimen care of illnesses are belongs to the “Gray Harmonic Theory”, it is the Third Medical. It uses the method of dialectical materialism. The founder of quantum mechanics –  Bohr proposed a “Co-exist Together Principle”, he pointed out: “Micro-particles have wave duality”, Combining all the essence” are complementary, co-exist together and harmony. That is, any substance is both contradictory and unified, that is to attract, but also exclusion, called it as harmony.



The major characteristics of Third Medical is Harmony, Human Organs in the Harmony Condition, it will not get sick.The important different among First, Second and Third Medical is that the First and Second Medical is the “Treatment after Sick”, but the Third Medical is “Treatment before Sick”.



“Huangdi Neijing” to promote “Treatment before Sick”, the 1st thought of strategy of China’s medical and public health community is advocating “prevention”.  The thought of “Treatment before Sick” in medical has gone through the times of development and improvement, it has been derived from the Traditional Chinese Medical Theory. Mr. Sun Wan Peng brought the “Prevention first, Comprehensive of Regimen” for healing and health care to the Third Scientific Realm, its called the Third Medical.



Harmony is a philosophical concept, Confucianism advocated social harmony. The generation pay attention to Confucianism, the society will live in peace. The generation not pay attention to Confucianism, society will be unrest.



Taoism also advocate harmony, to advocate people in nature with harmony. Society should comply with the laws of nature, society will develop, people have to comply with the laws of nature, human can live longer.